Lift Zones Skecth

Project background

I was tasked with writing scripts for Tik Tok videos to highlight Comcast's Corporate Social Resposlity initiatives during my tenure at VaynerMedia.

Creative process

The client was very nervous to try native-style Tik Toks or jump on weekly creative trends. To break the ice, I filmed a vlog-style Tik Tok highlighting Comcast's partnership with a small nonprofit that supports military servicemembers. The example I provided wasn't selected for publishing.

But my small leap of faith got the ball rolling, and revived our creative relationship with the client. I wrote the Lift Zone script above and also sourced the talent to shoot the footage.

We utilized Tik Tok's green screen and the large talking head because both effects were trending in 2021.

Final results

The Lift Zone Tik Tok performed better than Comcast's previous assets by garnering more likes, shares, and engagement than its predecessors.

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